The Phonetics [ Cassius Cle X Badspin ]!/thephonetics | 27. Aug 2011

chopped up soulbreaks & slang rap



The Phonetics - Woasch Eh | 04. Sep 2011

unser neues projekt, listen & spread

The Phonetics - Woasch Eh by thephonetics

introducing: bad disco spin-danzas | 24. Aug 2011

Dröhnend, schmutzig und immer gut gelaunt

Eine Nacht mit der Fusion der Aftershave Residents Disco Danza & Badspin
verspricht Weltuntergangsfanfaren, markerschütternde Gitarren, stampfende
Beats, Glamour, wobbelnde Bässe, kreischende Synths, trashige Balladen,
Sounds from another Planet, Schweiß und ein schlechtes Gewissen am Tag

9.9.2011 at Waves Vienna Warm-up Club Aftershave / Innsbruck



Pac Div - The Series, Episode 1 | 10. Aug 2011


2D Photography Rube Goldberg  | 10. Aug 2011

Not music related at all, but still pretty damn awesome... wohooooooo


How to make a 7 inch single | 10. Aug 2011


via BBC

Chilly Gonzales Trailer | 30. Jun 2011

Currently, Gonzalez is working on a new batch of songs for an album slated for a 2011 release. He describes the tracks as darker and "very, very, very epic". Speaking with NME, he said of the new album "It´s a double album. It´s mainly about dreams, how every one is different, how you dream differently when you´re a kid, a teenager, or an adult. I´m really proud of it. If you´re doing a very long album, all the songs need to be different and I think I´ve done that with this one." He plans on recording again with Morgan Kibby as well as others, including Beck, Nine Inch Nails bassist Justin Meldal-Johnsen and Zola Jesus.


Via Freewilliamsburg

Tyler The Creator bei ZDF | 28. Jun 2011

Wie sich der Praktikant der Kulturredaktion danach gefühlt hat?



Sepalot - Beat Konducta Bavaria | 28. Jun 2011

Dj Sepalot (Blumentopf) benutzt bayrische Samples in bester Madlib Manier...

SEPALOT Beat Konducta Bavaria by SEPALOT

Die Au - Spaßfreie Zone | 18. Jun 2011

Meine Linzer Jungs von "Die Au" haben ein Video zu ihrem Hit "Spaßfreie Zone" gedreht... Instant Classic


A Band of Buriers | 18. Jun 2011

New Favourite
a band of buriers is an english alternative folk band that blends both folk and alternative rap elements together. their unique acoustic sound encompasses dreamy melodies and intense string reverberations with abstract and imaginative poetry woven throughout.

this intriguing combination of styles was developed by james p honey and jamie romain who are oftentimes accompanied by matthew romain [violin], jamesreindeer [field recordings], mesparrow [vocals] and nadia d´ alo [vocals].


Bandcamp Name your Price

Resonance the film | 18. Jun 2011

Resonance is the vision of SR Partners; a collaborative project with over 30 independent visual and audio designers / studios. The aim was to explore the relationship between geometry and audio in unique ways.

Animators and Audio Designers were paired up at the beginning of the project and were given the guidelines to create a piece between 12 and 20 seconds and in HD quality, the rest was up to them.

We were honoured to be premiering the film at Barcelona OFFF2011 and look forward to future screenings over the coming year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors; the guys at who gave us access to their render farm, as well as ClearCut Pictures who mastered all the audio.

So watch the film and please let us know what you think.

Simon Jones

SR Partners


RESONANCE from Resonance on Vimeo.

Abby Lee Tee - Stray Cat EP | 18. Jun 2011

Abby Lee Tee aus der österreichischen Hip-Hop-Hauptstadt Linz hat eine großartige EP veröffentlicht. Kaufen und auf Veröffentlichung auf Vinyl hoffen!



Gil Scott Heron RIP | 28. May 2011

Scott-Heron died on the afternoon of May 27, 2011 at St. Luke´s Hospital, New York City, after becoming sick upon returning from a European trip.


Drink Tickets Remixed | 24. May 2011

Noch ein Nachtrag:

Vertual Vertigo haben die Remix-Version ihrer Letzten EP "Drink Tickets" zum Gratis-Download zu verfügung gestellt.
Remixe von uA: Flip, Suff Daddy, Kalifornia Kurt und Feux



Vertual Vertigo | 25. May 2011

Großartig war es! Danke Jungs



Vertual Vertigo at Aftershave | 24. May 2011

Die großartigen Vertual Vertigo besuchen mich heute im Rahmen meines Aftershave Residents... Ich seh euch dort

Club Aftershave
Tür: 22:00


Vertual Vertigo - Twisted from Diego Chavez on Vimeo.

Samiyam - Cushion | 24. May 2011

Samiyam, der Produzent aus dem LA-Umfeld von Flying Lotus beglückt uns bald mit seinem Album "Sam Backer´s Album". Als Kostprobe gibts hier eine Nummer als Gratis-Download.


SAMIYAM: "Cushion" by prefixmag

Heute Abend | 20. May 2011

heute abend im zuge der "soundcity" (ein gemeinsamer eintritt für quasi alle innsbrucker locations) spielen A Geh Wirklich im treibhaus.
ich werde davor und danach ein paar platten spielen
beginn: 20:30


DJ Dbh - Inolla | 16. May 2011

Der großartige Dbh hat auf seinem Soundcloud-Profil eine neue Nummer veröffentlicht. Schwere Empfehlung meinerseits! Besucht außerdem sein Blog (in meinen Links)

Inolla by soulgetter

Tyler The Creator - Yonkers | 15. May 2011

Wer es noch nicht kennt


Mayer Hawthorne - Impressions (covers ep -free download) | 12. May 2011

Mayer Hawthorne has released a FREE EP of cover songs. Grab it here, and read the track by track descriptions from Mayer below.

1. Work To Do
This one features my live band, The County: Quentin Joseph on drums, Topher Mohr on guitar, Quincy McCrary on piano, and Joe Abrams on bass. It was recorded live in a radio station studio somewhere during our Winter 2010 US tour. The tapes recently surfaced, but nobody can remember exactly where we were. The song is originally by The Isley Brothers, and that´s the only version I was familiar with until we started playing it in our live shows and people would come up to us and say "hey, loved your cover of Average White Band!".

2. Dont Turn The Lights On
My favorite track from Chromeo1s latest LP. On the surface its an electro-funk, dance floor filler, but underneath is a brilliant love ballad with lyrics that reminded me of something from Tyrone Davis. Dave1 (of Chromeo) told me the song is about a guy who falls in love with a ghost, so I wanted my version to have an eerie, ghostly feel to it. Quincy McCrary played the creepy piano solo at the end.

3. Youve Got The Makings Of A Lover
Textbook Northern Soul from a little known Dallas, Texas group called The Festivals. I was digging for records in NY with my homey DJ Kurse, and the shopkeeper played the 45 in the store. Both of us immediately ran up to the counter and said "yo! what is THAT?!". The original version was recorded in the late 60s, and the mix isn´t very good. I wanted a version that I could bump. Quentin Joseph played the drums and we recorded them at Sam Beaubien´s studio in Detroit. That´s Sam playing the trumpet as well.

4. Fantasy Girl
This song was written and composed by an amazing man from Pasadena named Steve Salazar. He was born with a heart condition and passed away at the young age of 27. Before he died he recorded one incredible album of demos in the mid-70s with a band called Shorty´s Portion. Peanut Butter Wolf found a copy of the album and I loved it so much that he gave it to me (thanks Wolf!). The vinyl had a handwritten note tucked in the sleeve that was addressed to anyone who could help the band with management, a record deal, radio airplay, etc. I´d estimate there were less than 300 copies pressed. That´s my Dad playing pedal steel guitar and Topher Mohr shredding the guitar solo on my version.

5. Little Person
Jon Brion is not from this planet. He penned this song for the soundtrack to Charlie Kaufman´s film "Synecdoche, NY". I didn´t get the film at all, but I really got the soundtrack. The original has only female vocal and piano, but I always heard a larger arrangement. Hubert Alexander played some of the piano and I did everything else.

6. Mr. Blue Sky
This one also features my band, The County, and was recorded live, in one take, in a tiny makeshift tent, at a festival in Dour, Belgium.



REWIND - A Photographic Exhibition - Opening Night | 11. May 2011

Portraits of artists from the drum n bass and dubstep scene shot in Innsbruck, Graz and London between 2005 -2011
Born in Croydon, South London a long, long time ago, Droidy (as he is nicknamed) has been involved in the dance music scene since the mid 80´s where he produced thousands of flyers for club nights in and around London. His graphic work was featured in an article by UK design magazine ´Creative Review´ in 1988 at the height of the acid house party scene. Moving on into the 90´s he art directed a motorcycle magazine, worked for Cosmopolitan magazine amongst others and then went on to become art director and staff photographer for Onboard Snowboard magazine. After six years and several thousand rolls of film later he joined up with his friends at Methodmag to continue his work in the board sports world. All during this time the passion for dance music had never left his soul as he dj´d at parties, created flyers and then decided to start documenting the events his friends promoted in Innsbruck around 2004. The work shown in this exhibition is a small selection from the thousands of images taken which includes artists such as Skream, Goldie, Mary Anne Hobbs, Mala, Keith Shocklee and John B amongst others.

Donnerstag, 12. Mai · 19:30 - 23:00

Die Bäckerei
Dreiheiligenstraße 21a



Burial - Street Halo | 09. May 2011

neue burial auf hyperdub, gewohnt großartig


made my day... | 09. May 2011


Alt aber gut | 05. May 2011

wer es nicht kennt...
bei Bedarf mehrmals wiederholen!


DJ Vadim presents The Electric in Innsbruck | 04. May 2011

DJ Vadim, Pugs Atomz und Sabira Jade haben mich vor einigen Wochen im Aftershave besucht. Nun haben sie ein Video dieser Nacht hochgestellt... viel Spaß.
Einen Audiomitschnitt gibt es auch, leider habe ich damit technische Probleme.
Unten der Link...

Vadim presents The Electric in Innsbruck @Mixcloud

Nosaj Thing - Fog (Jamie XX Remix) | 04. May 2011

"Drift", das 2010er Album von "Nosaj Thing" war ja in meinen Jahres Top10.
Jamie XX, bekannt durch seine Remixe für ua. Gil Scott Heron hat sich der Nummer "Fog" angenommen und einen, zu gleichen Teilen schweren und großartigen Remix angefertigt. Unten Original und Remix... Enjoy!



Hudson Mohawke - Thunder Bay | 04. May 2011

So, jetzt einfach noch auf platte schneiden damit ich sie endlich auf vinyl haben kann!


Der Mai | 04. May 2011

Der Mai ist da...
Hier meine speziellen Empfehlungen:

Am 07.05. stellen Attwenger ihr neues Album "Flux" im Innsbrucker Treibhaus vor ( (v.a.k.u.u.m. geschützt)

Knapp eine Woche später, am 14.05. kommt die nächste Oberösterreichische Formation mit neuem Album. "Texta" stellen ihr Album "Grotesk" im Weekender vor. Support gibt es von Hinterland. (

hier noch in Kürze

20.05. AGeh wirklich im Treibhaus
24.05. Vertual Vertigo im Aftershave
26.05. Bob Log in der P.M.K.

ich habe die Ehre bei all diesen Abenden ein paar Platten zu spielen.



TEXTA you´re driving me wild  | 04. May 2011

Das neue, großartige Video von Texta. Viel Spaß